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Gather Resources

A building is only as robust as the materials it is made of. Explore the environment and find resources for your constructions. Cut down trees, carve stone and melt ore to get iron...

Build Towers

You can't defeat everyone on your own. But you can protect Aleheim with your mighty towers and defensive structures. Place them along the road to make sure no foe gets through, and keep improving them to create an impregnable fortress.

Defeat your Enemies

Death comes to us all, but if it came to your assailants sooner instead of later, wouldn't that be nice. Smash, chop, burn and pierce every attacker with your arsenal of towers and traps. Lay them efficiently for maximal impact.

Local and Remote Multiplayer

Join forces with your friends, playing either with a split screen, or through the internet. Together, you might just become invicible...